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What does it take to make an ICHOS-HIFI?
Passion, Experience and Performance without compromises.

Our engineers are dedicated to design and build the best quality home audio products in the world.

The first ICHOS-HIFI Amplifier took 3 years from the initial concept to the final product. That's because our amplifiers are meticulously designed and tested to meet our high level of standards. Each single component in our amplifiers is carefully selected to ensure the best quality.

The TA440 is particularly impressive with its stable and reliable sound at all power levels. The music reproduction always remains composed, transmitting even the finest details with an irresistible naturalness, thanks to the proprietary tube control circuit.

Choosing an ICHOS-HIFI amplifier means investing in quality, robustness and durability. Once you have tryied our vacuum tube amplifiers you won't want to try any other amplifier.